About me & how I work

Whatever you are struggling with right now, let me help you find your inner-calm. It is my aim to empower clients to have confidence in themselves and to make permanent changes in their lives for the better. We will do this by working together to build a toolkit that will help you through your current and future challenges without slipping back into old negative patterns. I believe that everyone’s therapy journey is personal and individual, therefore it should be treated as such. I have therapy rooms based in Aylesbury and Bicester but can also accommodate home visits. I offer integrative therapy by using a mixture of hypnotherapy, REBT counselling, life coaching and mindfulness…. find out more

Anxiety & Phobias

I specialise in helping clients with anxiety & phobias through the use of Hypnotherapy and REBT along with other integrative techniques. find out more

Mindfulness & Self-Acceptance

Achieve a deeper level of inner calm, allowing you to approach the world with a fresh set of eyes. find out more

Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Find out how I can help you build an effective tool box which will help you through any struggles life throws your way.. find out more

I specialise in

Anxiety & Panic attacks
Low Self-esteem
Low confidence
Weight loss through self-love
Stress & pressure
Relationship Issues
Sexual Disorders
Insomnia & sleep disorders
Health management & IBS
Pain Management

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  • In a word, Amanda is amazing. She has helped my teenage daughter with her anxiety and self esteem issues in a way I never thought possible.
  • I cannot thank Amanda enough for how much she has helped me. I had a number of issues ranging from sleep, self doubt, relationships and just feeling unsure of life.
  • The sessions were amazing and after each one I felt my phobia decreasing. Today I attended a dental session for the first time in years, and felt calm and with no hint of panic or fear - I even had 2 fillings with no need for anaesthetic!

Session Opening Times:

Monday: Bicester 4.30pm ‒ 8.30pm
Tuesday: Aylesbury 1pm ‒ 8pm
Wednesday: Aylesbury 1pm ‒ 8pm
Thursday: Bicester 4.30pm ‒ 8.30pm
Friday: Aylesbury 1pm ‒ 8pm

Saturday: Aylesbury 10am ‒ 1pm
Sunday: Aylesbury 10am ‒ 1pm

Enquiries will be answered Monday ‒ Saturday, standard business hours

Amanda Hudson is a registered member of
The National Hypnotherapy Society,
The National Counselling Society and
United Kingdom Association for Transactional Analysis

E: ahudsonhypnotherapy@hotmail.com
T: 01296 432938

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