Ground yourself through stress

Are you struggling to keep your thoughts in the present moment, or are they drifting all over the place? Does your head feel foggy, hot and heavy? Do you have a lack of concentration? Maybe you just need to ground yourself.

Being in my line of work, I need to ground myself a couple of times a day to stop my thoughts clouding over. However if you work with lots of people needing your help, have a high stress job or have lots going on in your life, then you may need to try some of the tips below. Being grounded means you, your thoughts and energy are in the present moment, not in the future (anxious thoughts) or in the past (depressive thoughts). See if the following clear your mind:


Lots of people find running, yoga, playing sports or going to the gym a release. Not only does your body get flooded with feel good endorphins, but you are much more likely to be in the present moment and focused on what you are doing.

Walk outdoors bare foot!

Ground yourself by connecting with the actual ground, preferably bare foot. Stand outside on the grass or soil and take a couple of deep breaths really focusing on the ground beneath your feet. Get back to nature and allow Mother Nature to revitalise you!


Sit or stand somewhere quiet, outdoors is always a good option. Let yourself focus solely on your breathing for a few minutes to re-centre yourself. If you want something longer, find a full mindfulness video to follow on YouTube.


If you have a spare 30 minutes or so, try a full guided meditation to allow you to fully find your zen. This will re-centre you and bring you completely back down to earth.

Have a shower/bath

So we all know how relaxing a good Jacuzzi session can be, but we don’t all have the luxury of having one in our homes. But you can use a shower or nice hot bath just the same. In the shower, focus on the feeling of the water coming down on you, maybe visualise all of your worries washing away down the drain. If you are in the bath, focus on the feeling of the hot water relaxing each part of your body, all of the negativity being released by the heat.

Put your favourite guilty pleasure song on

Take your mind off any worries but singing the cheesiest song possible at the top of your lungs! Not only will it keep you in the here and now, whilst possibly feeling like a teenager, there is a good chance it will also make you laugh too. Laughter is food for the soul!


This is the same as exercise, however this will also loosen all of your tension points which may be carrying anxiety. We FEEL feelings in our body – your tension points are your forehead, jaw, neck, shoulders, chest and stomach so shake them loose!

Drive with the window down

Driving is one of those things that can allow you to just zone out and only focus on the task at hand. Roll the window down whilst you are at it, feel the wind on your face, right now in this present moment. Breathe.

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