The truth about anxiety

In this article I want to talk about anxiety, but more specifically what’s not said about it. So here it goes; Anxiety is natural! Normal even – there I said it!

Anxiety is a natural response to a perceived threat, so if you feeling on edge over something seemingly silly, there is nothing wrong with you at all. In fact your brain is working a little too well! Your subconscious is where your anxiety reacts from, this is your protector and will go into what we call fight or flight, (AKA anxiety) and it does a really good job of keeping you alive – you are standing here today! However our anxiety comes from a more primal place, think back to the time of cavemen, when we needed our anxiety to kick in and make us go into fight or flight to prevent us being eaten by a bear! Whilst in modern day life, we very rarely need saving from this kind of danger, our subconscious is still active and alert, still at the ready to fight, freeze or flee. Left to its own devices, it has no option but to scrutinise our surroundings, trying to understand all of the new possible dangers. Think of your subconscious as an over protective grandma, who hasn’t really got to grips with the modern world, she’s always worrying, doing things the way she knows how to and misunderstanding situations, this is exactly what’s happening with our subconscious mind.

So no, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, but it is worth learning to manage your anxiety. The more we bring it back into line and teach it what the real dangers are, the happier you will be. As our sub-conscious learns through doing and repetition, each time we react with anxiety when there is no need, it will reinforce it that this is a potential threat. It will eventually grow and spread through more of our lives as it starts testing the boundaries and you continue to allow the anxiety to be needed in that situation.

As humans we seem to want to strive for perfection in everything we do and feel, but we are just not made up like that. Granted, a lot of people manage ignore or mask their feelings and fear, but that’s not healthy. Furthermore, as humans we are beautifully imperfect. We are a messy species, always getting things wrong and learning through our mistakes. But this is how we came to evolve into the current version of human beings that we are. If we were perfect, we would have nothing left to explore or learn, and let’s face it that would be pretty boring!

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