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One-to-one Sessions

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy & Hypnotherapy

£60 per 55 mins

REBT allows us to look at and understand the way your mind is working, so we can change unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors into healthy ones.

The basis of REBT is that it is our thoughts that disturb us, not the situation. This way of working hands you back the control, as we can rarely change our situation. It is a more flexible type of CBT.

We use the hypnotherapy later on in sessions to embed the new healthy beliefs. Hypnotherapy is state of relaxation, which allows your sub-conscious mind to become open to better suggestions of how to deal with things. 

Connected Counselling
£80 per 55 mins (per couple/session)

Each partner is paired with their own individual counsellor, so you can both enjoy the benefits of two successful counselling methods. These are combined to create a flexible and powerful approach that can help you to understand, build and repair your relationship with a loved one.

Throughout the process, we will ensure your needs are understood and your voice is heard as we simultaneously work with each partner individually – and eventually together – towards a common goal.

Sessions are available in Bicester & Abingdon.

For more information, contact me or visit:

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Phobia Hypnotherapy
£60 per 55 mins

Hypnotherapy works wonders for phobias! We will put you in a state of relaxation and then allow your mind to experience the phobia in a calm and controlled environment. 
This teaches your brain an alternative way of dealing with the issue.