Anxiety & Phobia

Standard session for anxiety – Hypnotherapy, REBT & Life Coaching – £60 (55 min session)  
Anxiety and phobias are a growing problem in our modern world, the daily stress and pressure we put ourselves under continues to mount as we go through life trying to juggle exams, money, houses and family amongst everything else. This is normal but if we do not have effective ways of dealing with this, as the pressure mounts sometimes it can become too much for us to cope with. My style of hypnotherapy focuses around relaxation, which in itself helps counter the anxiety during the session. When you are in a state of relaxation, it is at this point that I will use positive suggestion and reinforcement to rework the way you see and manage anxiety. Alongside this I will use rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT), which will help you understand how your mind works, why you think the way you do and ultimately how to re-wire your thought process. Phobias are created through the anxiety over a larger issue such as needing control, so can also be treated in the same way. The most common types of anxieties I see and treat are listed below, all of which I have further training in:
  • Generalised anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Exam anxiety
  • Body dysmorphic disorder / Anxiety due to low self-worth
  • Acute Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • Work anxiety
Please see terms at the bottom of this page.

Mindfulness & Self-Acceptance

Mindful Self-Acceptance – £300* – 6 weekly sessions, each session 55 mins (Learn about your self-esteem, belief system and patterns of behavior in order to achieve self-acceptance). All materials included. * Price when paid upfront at the first session.  
Mindfulness Mindfulness is a wonderful practice of bringing your attention into the present. It is mainly developed through the art of meditation, however, there are many activities you can enjoy throughout the day mindfully. Practices incorporate some Buddhist traditions and it allows a person to remain in the present rather than straying into the future (anxious thoughts) or past (depressive thoughts). Whilst it can be quite a disciplined practice, it will bring clam and clarity into your life when used regularly. Self-Acceptance Self-acceptance is a beautiful mind-set from which to view yourself and others, allowing you to see the world with curiosity rather than judgement. It is based around the thought that there is no such thing as a bad person, only bad choices which have come from learnt behaviors. It is accepting and being okay with the fact that we are all fallible human beings – we can make mistakes! The learning first starts with self-esteem, the value we place upon ourselves and on others, also looking at your core belief systems and behaviors. Once we have a clear understanding of this, we can then work on self-acceptance itself, accepting that we can all make mistakes and learning to move on effectively when we do. Please see terms at the bottom of this page

Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Standard session – Hypnotherapy, REBT & Life Coaching – £60 (55 min session)    
Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy is a natural state of relaxation, which allows the subconscious to come to the front of the mind in order to create change. Using relaxation techniques, you will enter an altered state of consciousness where your mind will be open to positive suggestions for positive change. The subconscious is where all habits, behaviours and bad experiences are stored, which is why it is so effective for change. You remain in control at all times and I won’t be able to make any changes you don’t want to happen. Hypnotherapy works quicker than counselling alone, however, I do not believe in quick fixes. I will always aim to resolve the root cause of the problem so that it does not return or resurface in another way. There is more information on my FAQs page or you can contact me directly with any questions. Rational emotive behavior therapy / Counselling REBT is a solution focused type of counselling, which takes into account you as a whole person (past and present) along with all of the symptoms you are experiencing. We will then use this information to re-work the way you are thinking about things and put healthier behaviors in place. I work in a solution-based manner, challenging you at each step. I believe clients should be empowered so I also like to teach you about your patterns of behavior and belief system. I find that once a client is aware of why they are behaving in a certain way, change comes about quicker. A lot of my work will go back to your childhood in order to find the root cause of the behavior. Life Coaching Half way to reaching your goals and now you’ve come across a block? Let me help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. This is not counselling or hypnotherapy. This is solution-focused coaching that will enable you to reach your goals more effectively. The sessions are led by you, by what you want to discuss and the issues that you wish to address. I provide the correct tools, techniques and self-knowledge to get you to where you want to be. Please see terms at the bottom of this page.


A free initial phone consultation is included in all prices. Evening and weekend sessions available. Home visits may incur additional charges, dependent on location, and will be agreed up-front. Payment is accepted by cash, cheque or bank transfer and will be requested up-front prior to each session. Please note that 48 hours notice must be given for cancellations. Missed appointments will be charged at the full rate.

Session Opening Times:

Monday: Bicester 4.30pm ‒ 8.30pm
Tuesday: Aylesbury 1pm ‒ 8pm
Wednesday: Aylesbury 1pm ‒ 8pm
Thursday: Bicester 4.30pm ‒ 8.30pm
Friday: Aylesbury 1pm ‒ 8pm

Saturday: Aylesbury 10am ‒ 1pm
Sunday: Aylesbury 10am ‒ 1pm

Enquiries will be answered Monday ‒ Saturday, standard business hours

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