Anxiety & Phobia

Standard session for anxiety – Hypnotherapy, REBT & Life Coaching – £60 (55 min session)
Anxiety and phobias are a growing problem in our modern world, the daily stress and pressure we put ourselves under continues to mount as we go through life trying to juggle exams, money, houses and family amongst everything else. This is normal but if we do not have effective ways of dealing with this, as the pressure mounts sometimes it can become too much for us to cope with. My style of hypnotherapy focuses around relaxation, which in itself helps counter the anxiety during the session. When you are in a state of relaxation, it is at this point that I will use positive suggestion and reinforcement to rework the way you see and manage anxiety. Alongside this I will use rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT), which will help you understand how your mind works, why you think the way you do and ultimately how to re-wire your thought process. Phobias are created through the anxiety over a larger issue such as needing control, so can also be treated in the same way. The most common types of anxieties I see and treat are listed below, all of which I have further training in:
  • Generalised anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Exam anxiety
  • Body dysmorphic disorder / Anxiety due to low self-worth
  • Acute Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • Work anxiety

Session Opening Times:

Monday: Bicester 4.30pm ‒ 8.30pm
Tuesday: Aylesbury 1pm ‒ 8pm
Wednesday: Aylesbury 1pm ‒ 8pm
Thursday: Bicester 4.30pm ‒ 8.30pm
Friday: Aylesbury 1pm ‒ 8pm

Saturday: Aylesbury 10am ‒ 1pm
Sunday: Aylesbury 10am ‒ 1pm

Enquiries will be answered Monday ‒ Saturday, standard business hours

Amanda Hudson is a registered member of
The National Hypnotherapy Society,
The National Counselling Society and
United Kingdom Association for Transactional Analysis

T: 01296 432938

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